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14 ways to use your chorizo 19/06/2018, Recipes

Take one local, free-range chorizo from Somerset Charcuterie and use it for a multitude of different meal ideas. 

We recently ran a Facebook competition for a lovely box of local charcuterie and asked you to tell us your favourite way to enjoy our chorizo. We had so many brilliant suggestions that we have collated some of our favourite ones here so that everyone can enjoy them. 

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14 wonderful ways to enjoy your chorizo

  • dicing it then frying until it’s crispy & served as a delicious crunchy crumb on top of fried scallops using the chorizo oil Steve (winning suggestion!)

  • in a delicious spicy chicken and chorizo gumbo Rachel 

  • in a pancetta, chorizo and chickpea stew, which is amazingly warming on cold evenings Emily

  • with scrambled egg and veggies Louise

  • use chorizo, skin removed, sliced and gently sizzled, then added, with its oils, to cauliflower cheese. Sprinkle with more cheese and a dash of cayenne pepper and hey presto, a moreish supper. It elevates the humble cauliflower Carole 

  • in a naughty chorizo queasedilla with lots of cheese and diced sweet potato along with onions, chillis and a handful of fresh coriander in the tortilla. Sliced then dipped in home made guacamole and home made spicy tomato salsa Chris

  • in a paella Lisa

  • in a Spanish chicken casserole with peppers, olives & potatoes Catherine 

  • toasted on a BBQ Nick 

  • on pizzas – Liz, and Juan who cooks his on his outdoor pizza oven

  • gently fried, then add chopped tomatoes, herbs and spices to taste, add king prawns, serve with linguine, and top with parmigiano Tina

  • chorizo, chickpea and celeriac, with a poached (in white wine and white wine vinegar) egg on top, drizzled with basil oil, and a side of fresh focaccia Shaun

  • pan-fried sea trout, peas & chorizo fricassée with caper dressing Simon

  • use chorizo and bread crumbs as stuffing for chicken breast then wrap the whole thing in streaky bacon before popping it in the oven Georgia

Add chorizo to your next order to try some of these delicious suggestions for yourself!