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UK Retail Launch 20/02/2020, Special Offers

For several years now, customers have contacted us from Acton to Aldershot, Abergavenny to Aberdeen asking us why they can't purchase fresher produce, sourced with care on the fresh-range website. So, I am delighted to announce that we are now officially able to deliver to every postcode in mainland England and Wales as well as large parts of Scotland.

We've been conducting tests over the past few months with external delivery partners and have selected specialist, sustainable packaging to ensure every delivery arrives safely in optimum condition with the customer. We use sustainable insulation and ice packs to ensure chilled foods remain at optimal temperature. The insulation material is the thick grey under-wool from sheep that farmers traditionally find it difficult to reach a market for. The wool is wrapped in a perforated recyclable liner which ensures the wool can also act to naturally balance the humidity of the produce within the box. It's the perfect use of a sustainably produced natural product that is reusable, recyclable or compostable. The wool isn't the lowest price option (we'll leave those to other retailers) but it's without doubt the most effective and sustainable system. 

We have always asked our customers to return their sheeps wool liners and ice packs to us. So, we've set up a national returns service that is FREE to use for our customers. We just ask that you gather up 8 items of packaging before returning them in one box to make it more eco-friendly and cost efficient. Read more about that here.

For years, I resisted the opportunity for fresh-range to deliver food right across the UK. However, it has become clear to me that there is no reason why we shouldn't source food with care from producers doing things right and then deliver it efficiently to more customers right across the country via external delivery partners. From a climate crisis perspective, the biggest opportunity to reduce the 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions generated by food is by transforming the production of food. The transportation of food is actually only a very small % of the total carbon footprint. Read more here. Fresh-range sources produce via short supply chains that are fast, light and transparent. It means customers in Cardiff, Croydon and Carlisle can all enjoy delicious, more sustainable food and be clear how and why that food brings down their personal carbon footprint.

With the addition of a new range of Wildlife Friendly meats from Farm Wilder on our store, we can now enable wildlife lovers across the nation to enjoy meat that is actually helping to preserve endangered species like the Marsh Fritillary butterfly or the Cuckoo. It's an excellent initiative that we've supported since it's inception a couple of years ago. Farm Wilder are now working with farmers across more than 15,000 acres. All of the farms are 95%-100% pasture fed which means great benefits to wildlife and carbon sequestration. What's more, by paying these farmers a premium for their meat Farm Wilder have established a whole host of additional standards to improve biodiversity on the farm and further enhance the carbon sequestration into the soil such as by planting a set number of trees per hectare per farm. If you haven't already, please do support Farm Wilder by eliminating intensively reared grain-fed meat from your diet and buying Wildlife Friendly sustainable beef and lamb.

And, of course, the fresh-range store is packed with dozens more producers that, every day, work tirelessly to produce exceptional produce with the lightest touch on the environment. I hope you will support us by sharing with friends and family, right across the UK, that they too can now enjoy your favourite products on fresh-range. Tell them to mention your name when they checkout as a friend/neighbour referral and they can receive £12 off their first £60 shop.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Rich Osborn
Fresh-range Founder