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The Producers - The Bristol Magazine - June 2016 10/06/2016, In the press

As part of Big Green Week, The Bristol Magazine focused on those in the South West trying to make accessing good food quicker, easier and fairer for everyone.

"Previously a commercial director at Proctor & Gamble, Rich Osborn founded fresh-range in 2014. "I've always been passionate about food, and became increasingly concerned with how major supermarkets were exploiting producers, clocking up food miles and misleading customers," he says. "I am determined that there is a better way for us to source our food and feel strongly about the benefits of a truly direct local supply chain providing fresher, more delicious and nutritious foods at a fairer, lower price. By driving demand for local food, fresh-range can develop food security for generations to come and provide a business model that's sustainable and replicable across the UK."

Of course, with Bristol so receptive to new ideas, it was the ideal place to set up. "Bristol is my home and I feel excited about doing something so positive to contribute to the city I love," says Rich. "I was born here and my wife and I always knew we wanted to come back and settle in the West Country. While Bristol does have a thriving food culture, there is much to do to close the inequality gap between districts with regard to access to the freshest local produce.""