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Food Farming and Countryside Commission refers to fresh-range for Dynamic Food Procurement 07/08/2019, Catering

The commission (known as RSA) recently issued a report recommending the interventions needed to provide a healthy sustainable future for food in the UK. One of their recommendations is: ‘Implementing world-leading public procurement, fully using this powerful tool to transform the market’. Within this section, fresh-range and the Bath & North East Somerset pilot is quoted as a successful model for Dynamic Food Procurement. Once again, this demonstrates that fresh-range’s ground-breaking technology is the leader in the UK - perhaps globally - at reforming public sector food procurement in line with government interests.

Read all about it here (See page 29, section 2.3 on public procurement):

The Former Secretary of State for the Environment and the Director of Public Health England alongside Henry Dimbleby (who is now heading up the Food Strategy for England for DEFRA) introduced the reports findings. See the video here: