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A groundbreaking approach to public sector procurement 12/07/2018, Catering

Fresh-range’s technology and infrastructure enables short, light and fast supply chains as an alternative to the mass food system. We are an independent, Bristol-based business with a mission to improve food security for generations to come.

We deliver freshly sourced produce from local food and drink producers in the region direct to people’s homes and to cooks in catering kitchens, cutting out financially and environmentally expensive mass haulage and storage. Our local produce is sourced ethically with a low carbon supply chain, and producers earn the majority of the retail price paid.

We have created a radical new way of procuring, fulfilling and delivering food for the public sector which removes the barriers that have historically prevented small independent producers from accessing public sector contracts. Fresh-range’s approach means the supply chain is opened up for small-scale farms and producers to supply produce into local schools, universities and more. This is in contrast to previous contracts that only large suppliers could win.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs have appointed fresh-range to their government taskforce to transform the plan for public sector procurement in food. Fresh-range is advising on policy with regard to post-Brexit public sector food procurement, in order to improve the food security of our public-sector institutions such as hospitals, schools, prisons and the military. 

Fresh-range’s National Advisory Board in dynamic food procurement has been called out as a pivotal element of post-Brexit government strategy in terms of Government Buying Standards on food. See Minister George Eustace’s comments in a recent parliamentary select committee. 

Our unique capabilities are enabling a globally innovative approach to public sector procurement (“dynamic food procurement”) combined with local food supply chain logistics to bring it to life. We can enable the public sector to achieve the following benefits from dynamic food procurement:

Procurement partnership capability

  • Public Sector Compliant e-procurement
  • Supplier tender process, fulfilment and quality control
  • On time, complete and high quality consolidated delivery
  • Granular Management Information and analysis
  • Menu engineering, waste & customer communication / promotion support


  • One order, one invoice, one delivery convenience across core categories of fresh, ambient grocery & frozen food and drink
  • Next or Same day order-delivery time availability

Cost optimisation

  • Healthy price competition throughout the contract duration
  • Reduced invoice cost burden via automated digital payments and avoidance of multiple producer invoices

Social and environmental sustainability:

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Support local economy
  • Develop regional food security

Inclusivity for local producers

  • All balanced scorecard compliant producers and suppliers can participate
  • Direct communication with the producer that feeds you
  • Support for producers provided in process and ongoing
  • Fresher foods with local farm provenance for buyers


If you’d like to find out more about our groundbreaking approach to public sector food procurement, or more about our catering range, contact Rich Osborn, Director,  or call 0117 332 2813.