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Christmas Delivery Information 09/12/2016, Info

When is it best to order my Christmas food? 
Now. We have limited delivery slots remaining. You can add to your order or change it right up to Thursday 15th December.


Will fresh-range run out of delivery slots this Xmas like last year?

Yes, we expect to sell our last slots in the coming day or so. Whilst we’ve more than doubled our van fleet and Customer Delivery Drivers in the past year, many more customers have begun doing their food shopping with fresh-range local producers. So, whilst we have many more delivery slots this year, we are expecting (hoping!) they will all be taken. Once we sell out of slots that really is it – we will not be able to deliver anymore as we won’t compromise on service to those customers that have ordered early.


Can I change things in my order once I’ve placed it?

Yes. All customers that have placed a Christmas order will be able to add or remove items right up until Thursday 15th December. That’s why you should place one now and then add to it rather than waiting.

How do I secure my Christmas delivery slot?
Place an order today. At checkout you can reserve your preferred Christmas delivery slot.

When will I receive my Christmas delivery?
There’s a choice of delivery slots available just before the big day. If you’re an existing customer, simply Login to your account and “Select your Delivery Day” or for new customers, please Register to find out the delivery slots available where you live.
If you have any further queries we are here to help! Email or call 0117 332 2813.