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5 ways to get children excited about eating well 16/07/2015, Health & Lifestyle

Many of us would like to get our children more excited about eating healthily. A good, balanced diet from a young age sets a great precedent for future wellbeing. Here are some simple and fun ideas to get your little ones engaged with and loving good food.

      1. Feed a hungry tummy with new things.

OK – it sounds a bit sneaky, but taking advantage of hunger works. If they’re hungry they’re much more likely to eat something new and enjoy it. Also, whilst you’re cooking up a tasty meal, put a shot glass of carrot and cucumber sticks for them to munch on while they’re waiting for the main event.


      2. Children’s Choice: Let them pick a fruit or vegetable they’ve never tried before from

When doing your food shopping, let them select a fruit or vegetable that they like the look of - like a bunch of golden beetroot or some rhubarb or simply a bunch of carrots. Shopping online on removes the distraction of the not-so-healthy stuff surrounding you in supermarkets!


      3. Treasure your Food…

Set up a treasure hunt using the ingredients for dinner. Give them a checklist of what they need to find - once they find all the ingredients, it’s time to create a delicious healthy meal with them. Treat the food like treasure at the table. Arrange it beautifully in between two or more children and tell them they have to share it. Psychologically, if there is a risk of losing out to their sibling they’re more likely to grab it!


      4. Play restaurant chef

Making dinner can be fun so get your child involved with food prep. Suggest they make a restaurant menu. Assign them roles and tasks in the “family restaurant” so they can feel part of the food making process; if they’re too little to peel or chop, they can help assemble salads, measure and pour ingredients and stir sauces. If you need some inspiration, Jamie Oliver offers some great ideas for child friendly recipes. Ask them to eat the raw veg as you go ‘to check the food is OK for the customers’.


     5.  Where Did Dinner Come From?

During dinner, do a little quiz. Ask your child where they think each part of their meal comes from. Say you’re having Bolognese- where does meat come from? What is spaghetti made of? Where do carrots come from? Once you’re all finished eating, you can talk about their answers and explain any they didn’t know. For every product with the fresh-range stamp on the fresh-range website there’s a link to the producer- meaning you can see where every item of food comes from down to the exact farm.


A top tip to remember is that whilst you encourage your child to eat more healthily you needn’t constantly draw attention to the fact certain foods are “healthy” or “good for you”. Keep the focus on what they taste like and how delicious they are. And if that fails, there’s always the option of concealing fruit and vegetables within a meal; making a tomato sauce with the addition of blended veg to serve with pasta, or making ice lollies with yoghurt and blended fruit, for instance.

On the theme of getting children excited about healthy eating, this weekend fresh-range are going to be at the Bristol Harbour Festival running our own family activity. You’ll find our stall in The World of Happiness area, where little ones can draw (or colour in) their favourite fresh food before placing it on our local food landscape. Children get to explore where their food comes from and learn about the importance of eating well. As an added bonus- their picture will be entered into a competition to win a year’s worth of fresh-range vouchers to spend on their favourite fresh food!

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