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Nothing fishy about this fresh mackerel 10/06/2015, Producers

Fish is one of the foods that our new customers first notice in terms of freshness. We can deliver fish and seafood to you within a day of it being caught.

Living here in Bristol or Bath, we are only an hour or so's drive from Lyme Bay in Dorset. It's really not a long way for the fish to travel if it comes direct. By avoiding the haulage and storage of mass retail consolidation depots, your fish can be with you within 24 hours from port to plate with fresh-range. The fishermen go out in their boats for the day, catch and land it. Then it's prepped and packaged by Samways Fish Merchants, before being placed on ice and wrapped in wool in your box along with your other foods and immediately delivered to you in our refrigerated delivery vans.

How about ordering some fresh mackerel? Grill, top with chilli, lime and coriander and serve with a mixed leaf side salad and boiled potatoes. This omega-3 rich, low-calorie meal is simple to make, inexpensive and joyfully delicious. Source the freshest ingredients at and enjoy this weekend!