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6 ways to feel good this January 03/01/2019, Health & Lifestyle

A healthy start to the New Year for you, your wallet and the environment 


1. Eat more veg. We all know this one right? But what if your veg tasted fresher, crisper, juicier and more delicious, as well as being more nutritious? Locally grown, fresher veg is a completely different ball game to vegetables that have been sitting on a supermarket shelf. Try ours from Home Farm, Highgrove

2. Eat real food. If you are fed up of processed foods and their impact, both on you and the planet, make a change to real food in 2019. Fresh bread, with few ingredients, baked on the morning of delivery. Free-range and grass-fed meat, from high welfare farms. 

3. Try organic. Use our organic filter to find an array of locally-produced, Soil Association certified, organic foods. The prices of organic vegetables from Farrington's Farm may surprise you. 

4. Eat less meat. If you are a full time veggie, taking part in Veganuary, or simply want to eat less meat, try our range of vegan foods, such as falafelscurriesdairy-free ice creamBritish pulses and much more. 

5. Save money. January finds us needing to give our wallets a break, as well as our bodies. You'll find price comparisons on many fresh-range products, as well as fruit and veg from local wholesalers at extremely competitive prices. 

6. Feeling positive. By shopping independently and sustainably, we can make a positive change for our environment, our food security, and our local economy.