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Farmdrop has gone. Can I buy from local food producers at fresh-range instead? 11/01/2019, Info

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Farmdrop are a London based online ethical food retailer who set up a second hub in Bristol and Bath a year or so ago and invested heavily in marketing activity. Farmdrop did a great job at building awareness of ethical, short supply chains in the city. However, this week Farmdrop announced they will be leaving Bristol and Bath due to disappointing customer uptake.

We’ve received a number of calls from Farmdrop customers. They're asking us how fresh-range compares. Thanks to Farmdrop, they have discovered local producers they'd like to continue ordering from.

So, how does fresh-range compare? What are the differences versus Farmdrop?

Farmdrop and fresh-range were established around the same time in 2013 – Farmdrop in London and fresh-range right here in Bristol. Both are online retailers of fabulous food with transparent provenance from local producers and suppliers. Both enable you to choose your day and time of delivery and pick and choose whatever you want in your trolley – neither are a subscription box scheme. Both companies have received 5 star feedback for their customer service. Many of the producers listed on fresh-range were also listed by Farmdrop. So, what differences are there? 

-         Price & Discounts: Farmdrop offer big new customer discounts – but fresh-range don’t. Why? Fresh-range food is already set at low prices. In fact, our price comparison feature proves that hundreds of locally sourced products are at lower prices than supermarket equivalents every week. Check it out here and see for yourself. Fresh-range also reward qualifying existing customers with £20 to spend every January as a gesture of our gratitude for their loyalty.

-         Packaging & delivery convenience: Fresh-range use sustainable British sheeps wool linings in reusable and recyclable delivery boxes which mean that customers can arrange deliveries even when they are out; indicating a safe place for us to leave the delivery. Food and drink remains at the required temperature until the customer returns home.

-         Delivery vans: Fresh-range have diesel vans – not electric ones. Why? Fresh-range use 3.5 ton Mercedes chilled vehicles enabling us to fulfil food direct from farms and deliver larger volumes per route to catering kitchens as well as our home delivery customers. Chilled vans are a necessity from a food safety and quality standpoint for collecting and/or moving chilled food around in large quantities. We are yet to find an electric 3.5 ton vehicle with sufficient payload that can power a refrigeration unit.

Finally, let's be clear; the more companies like fresh-range and Farmdrop that succeed, the better. Shorter supply chains on food and the resultant positive social and environmental outcomes for people and planet are critically important factors. Such companies need to continue to thrive in order to grow this market - right across the UK.

Register now for fresh-range, and when we ask where did you hear about us click "Friend or neighbour referral" then type "Farmdrop". We’ll credit your first order of £60 or more with a £12 discount.

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