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Dig & Dine Inspiration 27/11/2015, Health & Lifestyle

20 children, 2 inspiring teachers and a forward thinking school made for a special day in fresh-range’s history today. Fresh-range supported the establishment of the first Dig&Dine program for key stage 2 kids at West Town Lane Academy. We provided the produce from some of the West Country’s best local producers and, having experienced what happened today, we surely need to be doing a whole lot more learning events like this in the future.

Glyn Owen (chef teacher) and Darran McLane (growing teacher) taught me significantly more than a thing or two! I learnt about a vegetable I’d never previously heard of, discovered the trigger temperature at which garlic starts to grow from a clove, and I learnt how to teach 8 year olds to roll flat bread on a school table without any flour.

I left inspired. By the teachers, by the children’s reaction and, frankly by the learning I gained.

Glyn, Darran I salute you. Let’s do it again and again.

If you live in the Bristol or Bath area and would like a Dig&Dine event to take place at your school, please contact us here at fresh-range HQ (0117 332 2813) and we will start the planning.