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Fundraising: Give and you shall receive 01/11/2016, Producers

How much does it cost to set up a farm and start growing food locally? Well, Steve Glover at The Severn Project originally started with £2,000 (and a whole lot of leadership and energy) to grow salad leaves on what has now become Arena Island near Temple Meads in Bristol. The project has come a long way since then, growing on over six acres of Bristol City Council land in Whitchurch. It’s a beautiful, environmentally sustainable site harvesting its own water from the roofs of the polytunnels into a lake Steve and his team dug themselves. Many members of Steve's team are recovering from a socially-excluded past, and are now working to grow, harvest and deliver literally tons and tons of salad leaves into customers in Bristol and Bath. You can buy the herbs, flowers and leaves the team grow right here on fresh-range.

Steve’s looking to increase supply further. With the knowledge, skills and experience he’s gathered since 2010, he knows what is needed to establish a new growing site, having already done it several times. He’s looking to raise £20,000 via his crowdfunding campaign to establish an additional growing site near Bradford-Upon-Avon. All contributions are welcome. Some donations come with a reward of free salad for up to a year - delivered by fresh-range. Click here to watch the film they’ve made all about their campaign.

Crowdfunding for local companies has been gathering pace with a recent bond being raised by The Better Food Company to establish their new store in Wapping Wharf and now the Bristol Food Producers group also looking to raise funds to help support the establishment and training of new local food producers in the city.  It’s great to see the engagement of the great Bristol and Bath public giving to causes like this.

Rich Osborn, founder,