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Cows are like electricity 26/05/2020, Health & Lifestyle

We’re excited to share with you a series of 60 second films we’ve produced in collaboration with Farm Wilder. These are presented by Chris Packham, Professor Alice Roberts, Dr George McGavin and Miranda Krestovnikoff - experts making the case for environmentally friendlier meat.

The intensification of farming and concentration of supply chains over the past 40 years has come at a staggering cost to human health, animal welfare, biodiversity, water and soil health. Our current food system has become one of the heaviest contributors to climate change emitting as much as 30% of Global Greenhouse Gases.

So, how can we make changes to our diet that are enjoyable yet environmentally and financially sustainable? I’m delighted to share the first in our series of 60 second films that challenge the mainstream narrative when it comes to the role of livestock and meat in the UK. For too long, the binary ‘meat or no-meat’ debate has dominated news feeds. We hope these films help to move the debate on to a more helpful nuanced understanding.

We are grateful to Farm Wilder ambassadors Chris Packham, Professor Alice Roberts, Dr. George McGavin and Miranda Krestovnikoff for their contributions to these films.

First up, Miranda and Chris present how cows, like electricity, can be climate change causers like coal power stations or carbon friendly - like renewables such as wind and solar power.

Watch the 60 second film here: Why are cows like electricity?

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