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BBQ Prawns With Mango Salsa Collection 31/07/2019, Recipes

Serves 4

These delicious BBQ prawns go perfectly with the mango and quinoa salsa. This nutritious combination is one of my best summer choices!

Time: approx. 20 min active, 20 min total. Average £/serving: £3.85 Freezes well.

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What you get:

2/3 cup of quinoa

400g Tiger prawns

1 Mango

1 avocado

1 long red chilli

2 lime

1 cucumber

1/2 fresh onion

1/2 cup of fresh coriander


From your larder:

2 tbsp of olive oil




Step 1

Cook the quinoa. The golden ratio is 3 cups of water to 1 cup of quinoa. Cook for 15 minutes and leave to rest for about 10 minutes more.


Step 2

For the mango salsa:

Combine diced mango, diced avocado, chopped red chilli, chopped fresh coriander and the juice of one lime. Season with salt and pepper.


Step 3

Preheat a grill or even better, prepare a BBQ. Thread the prawns onto skewers, brush with oil and season with your favourite cupboard herb - I love smoked paprika on mine. Cook for 2-3 minutes or until cooked.


Step 4

Mix the quinoa and mango salsa and top with prawns. Enjoy!


NB: This collection will provide you with substantial leftover ingredients for further recipes.

by Melanie R Gonzalez, nutritionist at CookYourLife