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Meet Batch#5 – Your Local Gluten-Free Bakery 04/07/2016, Producers

Batch#5 pride themselves on being the first artisan gluten-free bakery in the South West. They have an extensive range of products, from breads to sausage rolls, scotch eggs to cakes and cookies. All of their gluten-free recipes are perfected. You can share their products with your friends and family without needing to apologise for providing a no-gluten alternative. The chances are, they wont be able to tell the difference. 

The first exclusively Gluten-Free bakery

Did you know, 1 in 100 people are affected by coeliac disease? Every year, more and more people find themselves in need of a gluten free diet. As a result, many eateries now offer no-gluten options. Sadly, these options are usually made in gluten-containing environments and result in cross contamination. Batch#5 have the solution, they create their range in an exclusive, quarantined environment.

Managing Director, Mark Slevin, saw the need for such an establishment when his 5-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease.

My granddaughter quickly learned two things about being a coeliac. Firstly, bakeries are dangerous places. Secondly, if you find a gluten-free product, it will taste bad. We changed both of these with the creation of Batch#5.

To create the bakery, Batch#5 invested in a space in Farrington’s farm. They cleaned and completely re-equipped the room, so the machinery has never been in contact with gluten. They monitor the area down to every last detail – even the baker’s lunches are not allowed in the premises if they contain gluten.

Thanks to the dedication of the Batch#5 team, they are able to regard themselves as the only gluten-free traditional artisan bakery in the South West, if not the country. They have earned themselves a SALSA accreditation, meaning their produce continually meets high safety standards.

One of the great things about Mark is that he cares about his customers. Not only does he ensure they are satisfied with the bakery’s existing range, but he incorporates their suggestions along the way. Batch#5’s sausage roll, for example, was developed from a customer suggestion.

It is evident that that Batch#5 team make every loaf of bread, cake, and pastry with care and attention to detail. During our visit, we watched them roll and individually line pastry tins for their gluten free quiches. We watched them hand craft scotch eggs. Finally, we watched them sealing their sausage rolls into packaging on-site, so that no gluten can contaminate the products as they head for their delivery destinations across Bristol and Bath.

As earlier emphasized by Mark, the two of the most overwhelming issues for coeliac sufferers and those with a gluten intolerances are cross contamination and compromised quality of food. When you order from Batch#5, you can be certain you will never encounter these two problems.

Shop the Batch#5 range on our website, and we will ensure your produce is collected fresh.