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5 Fabulous Foods in Season in August & Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Them 04/08/2015, Health & Lifestyle

Believe it or not, August is already upon us. Fortunately, this means a whole new range of fresh, seasonal produce that is ripe and ready to be eaten. To help you enjoy your food whilst it’s at its best, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite goodies listed on that are in season this month- and being produced locally now.

1. Beetroot

Bold and beautiful in appearance, rich and earthy in flavour, beetroot is a wonderful root vegetable that can be enjoyed in many ways. Whilst it’s in season, we’ve got plenty available! You can get a bunch of classic purple or golden beetroot grown on Over Farm in Gloucestershire, or if you prefer your veg organic then we’ve got organic beetroot from Castle Farm Organic Produce in Bath or Farrington’s Farm in North Somerset.

Roast beetroot with red onions and balsamic vinegar for a simple and delicious side dish, puree with chilli, garlic and Greek yoghurt for an exotic dip, or pickle it and pair it with rocket, goats cheese and walnuts for a sensational salad.



2. Broad Beans

These pod beans only have a short natural season, so best be quick if you want to enjoy these fresh and at their best. Currently available from Over Farm in Gloucestershire, these beautiful beans have a sweet taste and a smooth and creamy texture.  

Pan fry with a bit of butter and garlic for a tasty accompaniment to any meal, add to frittatas or risottos, or make them a meal in themselves by pureeing with garlic, tahini and lemon juice for a beautiful broad bean hummus.


3. Courgettes

Delicately flavoured and fantastically versatile, there’s never been a better time to enjoy these locally grown organic courgettes from Farrington’s Farm.

Pan fried, roasted, stir fried, raw, in a ratatouille- courgettes lend themselves to being enjoyed in a plethora of ways. A great light substitute for noodles or pasta when spiralized or peeled into ribbons, and also delicious coated and fried in breadcrumbs as “courgette frites”.


4. Lamb

Eating lamb when it’s in season means you get to enjoy meat that’s beautifully tender, as well as great tasting. When you get lamb from fresh-range, it’s guaranteed to have been sourced from a local farm.

Leg, shoulder and shank are all wonderful slow roasted with rosemary and garlic. For a quicker lamb dish, pan fry or grill cutlets with a thyme and garlic butter. 


5. Seabass

A lovely textured white fish that has earned its popularity with its sumptuously sweet flavour which closely resembles that of sea bream. Sourced from Samway’s Fish Merchants, we list sea bass which has been line caught off the South coast of Devon and delivered from port to plate in just 24 hours: fresh, seasonal and sustainable. 

The flavour of sea bass has plenty to say for itself and its fillets, simply seasoned and pan fried in butter, are a delight. If you want something with a bit more punch, however, this fish pairs wonderfully with Asian flavours like chilli, ginger and coriander. For a summer BBQ with a difference, try wrapping a whole sea bass in foil with olive oil and lemon wedges and place on the BBQ for 15 minutes.