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Six ways to Organic your September in Bristol and Bath 07/09/2015, Competition

Our partners at The Soil Association are asking us all to ‘Organic our September’ this year. By making small, organic changes to our everyday food shopping we can all make a difference. Find out more on their website here and enter a fabulous competition to win an organic holiday with our friends at Sawdays special places to stay in Bristol.

The competition asks you which small change you will be making to your food shopping to ‘Organic your September’.

Live in Bristol or Bath? We are here to help….

1. Buy organic fruit or veg

The days of organic fruit and veg being overly expensive are gone. We deliver our customers fresh, affordable organic fruit and vegetables, using a range of local producers and suppliers. For example, at the time of writing, we are selling organic courgettes from Farrington’s Farm near Bristol at 65% lower price than Sainsbury’s. You can buy also buy organic produce at wholesale prices through Four Seasons Organic Wholesale in Bristol.

You may want to just swap your basics (potatoes, onions etc) for organic - one of the small changes suggested by the Soil Association - or start with your favourite fruit. With fresh-range you choose exactly which fruit and veg you want and pick from organic and non-organic produce, so you can swap as little or as much as you like.

2. Swap to organic meat

This comes up time and time again when we talk to people about changes they would like to make in their food shopping. We are privileged to be able to deliver the finest organic meat to customers in Bristol and Bath from The Story Organic in Chew Magna - a BBC Food and Farming Awards’ Outstanding Farmer of the Year finalist and Soil Association Gold Award winner. The animals are reared ethically and organically, the cattle are fed only natural grass diets and are free to roam and graze, and the land is managed sustainably.

3. Switch to organic milk

With fresh-range, you'll not only enjoy organic, unhomogenised milk and cream but you'll also be supporting your local dairy farmers because we pay them a fair price. Somerset Dairy just outside Bruton in Somerset bottles every one of their organic milks and creams by hand at the dairy, and sends them fresh each day for fresh-range customers. At the time of writing the milk costs no more than the supermarket equivalents but the big difference is that we pass on to the farmer the vast majority of the retail price you pay. This is a far cry from the major supermarkets celebrating recent increases in the price they pay their farmers but are still paying them less than it costs to produce.

4. Pour an organic cuppa

Whilst tea or coffee may not be grown locally, through you can buy organic and fairtrade tea or coffee from local suppliers. Our Clipper teas are blended not far away in Dorset, and we stock a wide range of organic herbal teas from Bristol’s very own Pukka. Our Wogan coffee range is roasted and ground right here in Bristol fresh to order. Try Wogan’s organic sumatran decaf.

5. Bake an organic cake

Make your organic cake with freshly laid organic eggs from Overton Organic Eggs in Gloucestershire, and organic butter from Brue Valley Farm in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor.

The wonderful Doves Farm on the Wiltshire-Berkshire border offers a range of organic flour and organic baking powder, all found in our store cupboard category. We are also delighted to offer flour from Somerset’s only Soil Association accredited flour producer, Burcott Mill, a grade II listed Victorian Watermill close to the city of Wells. Organic sugar comes from the Essential Trading Co-operative in Fishponds, Bristol who source directly and ethically from organic producers all over the world.

And if it’s a Victoria Sandwich you’re making, slather it with a thick layer of delicious Kitchen Garden organic strawberry jam made just up the M5 in Stroud - with no additives or artificial preservatives.

6. And how about trying something new?

So you already have a fair few organic products in your weekly shop, but how about trying something new? How about organic wine from Pennard Organic Wines in Somerset, organic ales and lager from Stroud Brewery or an incredible range of fresh organic bread from Hobbs House Bakery.

fresh-range delivers freshly picked, high quality, lower priced produce to your home or work in Bristol and Bath. We offer both organic and non-organic produce. Start shopping now, or find out more about us here.