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5 ways to save time (and money) with fresh-range 24/09/2015, Health & Lifestyle

Life can be hectic, and finding the time to cook and enjoy a substantial and healthy meal every evening might feel like a struggle. With fresh-range, it needn’t be. Leading a busy lifestyle and consistently eating great, fresh food is absolutely possible- just follow these five handy tips.

1) Plan ahead.

Sitting down on a Sunday and planning your meals for the week ahead means you know exactly what you need when you place an order with fresh-range to be delivered on Tuesday. This way, you can avoid the common trap of buying things you don’t need, reducing wastage, saving time & money.

2) Keep cupboards well stocked.

Stock up on store cupboard goods so you’re always well supplied with the goods you need to cook a quick, easy and nourishing meal. We’ve got an extensive range of tinned beans which are a great source of protein and an inexpensive, effortless way to bulk out meals. Quick cooking grains like couscous and quinoa make great bases for many easy and nutritious dishes.

3) Buy & cook in bulk

Chilli, Bolognese, curry and stew are all great examples of meals you can cook in bulk & freeze to enjoy another day. To enjoy the great taste and nourishment of fresh veg for longer, buy larger quantities of seasonal products like squash or pumpkin, make a delicious stew before freezing portions to enjoy at a later date when the same produce might no longer be in season and at its best.

4) Don’t chuck good leftovers.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure; be careful not to throw away leftovers which could be used to make another meal. Leftover over rice, for example, can be thrown in a pan with a bit of soy sauce, whatever fresh vegetables you have in stock and whatever protein you fancy for a quick and easy supper of fried rice. Leftover meat and vegetables can always be recycled into frittatas, pasta dishes and casseroles the next day.

5) Make friends with your freezer.

Kitchen staples like milk, butter, meat and bread all freeze well. If you find yourself overstocked, freeze goods to avoid wastage. Fresh herbs, like those hand-picked in Bristol by the Severn Project, can be frozen to give them a longer life- simply freeze sprigs covered with olive oil or stock in an ice tray and they’re ready to be thrown in a pan whenever you require.

And for those days when you really don’t have the time, energy or inclination to cook from scratch, with fresh-range it’s still possible to enjoy a fresh, delicious and nourishing meal. We list a broad range of chef-prepared ready meals- all lovingly made by hand using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.


Written by Jenna Freeman (Category Marketing Manager- fresh-range)