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2020’s First Award Win 20/08/2020, In the press

Whilst the impact of Covid-19 on the business and the wider supply chain eases we have a chance to catch our breath. We sense the wider community have been in their ‘new normal’ day to day life rhythm for several weeks but for many suppliers and producers, they are only now beginning to find theirs.

Back in March and April, the overnight jump in demand was challenging for many to accommodate as will the corresponding decrease as many have returned to old habits of mass supermarket shopping. Staffing and stocking levels for independent food producers had to expand and contract with the demand. For future food security’s sake, we hope that many shoppers will continue to source food from food producers that supported them during the pandemic. We will see!

As we reflect on the changed retail landscape, we received word from the SME News Magazine that we had won the award for the Leading Artisan Farmers and Food Producer Store in the South West for 2020.

The Business Elite Awards are handpicked by SME News Magazine and are based on comprehensive analysis and research undertaken by the magazine.

"It provides us the chance to promote talent on a truly UK-wide platform." Elliot Ashbourne, Head of Features & Team Leader at the magazine told us. "This proven approach ensures that we award on merit, not popularity and recognise the very best in business. We award those that are succeeding in their endeavours, innovating, growing and improving" he added.

At fresh-range we want to dedicate this award to our team who have gone above and beyond to ensure those who were vulnerable in the community received provisions and continue to do so. It also goes to the awesome growers, farmers and artisans we are proud to work with on a daily basis.