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6 ways to feel good this January 04/01/2018, Health & Lifestyle

A healthy start to the New Year for you, your wallet and the environment    1. Eat more veg. We all know this one right? But what if your veg tasted fresher, crisper, juicier and more delicious, as well as being more nutritious? Locally grown, fresher veg is a completely different ball game to vegetables that have been sitting on a supermarket shelf. Try ours from Home Farm, Highgrove.  2. Eat real food. If you are fed up of processed foods and their impact, both on you and the planet, make a change to real food in 2018. Fresh bread, with few...

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  • Rich's Review of 2017

    Rich's Review of 2017 20/12/2017, Info

    What a year it has been! We’ve moved from being a startup in 2016 to what I think is very nearly a ‘proper company’ at our new fresh-range HQ in Keynsham. There are more than 20 of us now working on the fresh-range project from fulfilment and delivery team members to software engineers, copy writers to photographers, social media managers to financial managers. We’re...

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  • Easy Dried Orange Christmas Decorations

    Easy Dried Orange Christmas Decorations 18/12/2017, Recipes

    December is here and why not try something new this festive season? These dried orange decorations couldn't be easier to make. Not only that but they are economical and biodegradable too. You can also make them with apple slices. If you're feeling especially creative, they make great wreath decorations. Ingredients: 3 x Organic Medium Oranges or Royal Gala...

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  • DEFRA appoint fresh-range to UK Government Food Taskforce

    DEFRA appoint fresh-range to UK Government Food Taskforce 14/12/2017, Info

    Several weeks ago, I presented a fresh-range case study at UK DEFRA HQ in Westminster during their launch of a new online portal to enable food producers to score themselves against the balanced scorecard for public sector food procurement. The reaction to fresh-range’s unique approach to public sector food procurement was strong and positive. Since then, DEFRA have invited me to sit on...

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  • Freelance Social Media Assistant

    Freelance Social Media Assistant 28/11/2017, Jobs

    Fresh-range is looking for a freelance social media assistant to work across our different online platforms. The role will report to specific KPIs around developing our online presence and driving engagement, awareness, followers and conversion. You will need a passion for food and sustainability and ideally live in or around Bristol and Bath.  If you have experience of working a...

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  • Vegetarian Christmas Wellington

    Vegetarian Christmas Wellington 22/11/2017, Recipes

    Looking for a mouth-wateringly delicious vegetarian recipe for Christmas day? Fear not... our vegetarian christmas wellington is sure to please the crowd, whether they're veggie or not.  Ingredients: For the puff pastry: 375g Strong White Flour 375g Butter 150ml Water 1.5tsp Sea Salt For the filling: 1 Free Range Egg 100g Organic Brown Lentils 300ml...

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  • The Ultimate Christmas is Locally Sourced

    The Ultimate Christmas is Locally Sourced 01/11/2017, Special Offers

    Book your Christmas delivery before December to receive £20 of local food shopping in January Support your local independent producers and enjoy the best the region has to offer this Christmas when you shop on What's more, if you place your order by the end of November, not only will you be helping producers plan, you will also receive £20 off your...

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  • Pumpkin Patch Pudding

    Pumpkin Patch Pudding 19/10/2017, Recipes

    Halloween is round the corner and we've made a series of spooky recipes that are both tasty and easy to make. You can find the video for this pumpkin patch pudding recipe on the YouTube channel. For the buttercream icing in this recipe, we made our own powdered sugar from Organic Natural Cane Sugar. Powdering your own sugar is a simple and inexpensive way to make i...

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  • Spooky Stuffed Peppers

    Spooky Stuffed Peppers 19/10/2017, Recipes

    It's October half-term and nearly Halloween. You may well be in need of some easy, creative projects. Don't panic, because we have complied a series of kid-friendly recipes for you to try. These spooky stuffed peppers are great for all ages to make (just make sure an adult helps with the carving). The peppers are healthy too, counting towards one of your five-a-day. Watch us making the...

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  • Mummified Sausages

    Mummified Sausages 17/10/2017, Recipes

    Halloween is a great time to have some fun cooking with kids. Why not celebrate with some spooky recipes? Made even better with the use of local ingredients. These mummified sausages are a great centrepiece for a Halloween party. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make puff pastry from scratch. Find our video tutorial on the YouTube channel. Tip: For ultra...

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  • Food Poverty: Feeding Bristol

    Food Poverty: Feeding Bristol 03/10/2017, Health & Lifestyle

    Back in July, I attended a meeting that highlighted the depth of the issue of food poverty in Bristol. I was particularly struck by the uncomfortable truth that despite Bristol being the third wealthiest city in the UK – itself the fifth richest economy on Earth - 1 in 4 children in the city are below the food poverty line. And it’s not only children; there are literally tens of...

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    CONNECTING PEOPLE TO LOCAL PRODUCERS -Bristol-based food company fresh-range extends opportunity to invest to power growth- Fresh-range, the Bristol-based online ethical food retailer, is launching a further equity investment opportunity, in its bid to gain a £400 million share of an £87 billion food market. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign over the summer, the...

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  • Bristol Post - September 2017

    Bristol Post - September 2017 04/09/2017, In the press

    How you can get a slice of ethical food retailer Fresh-range's business Fresh range wants to raise £550,000 to fund expansion and innovation plans "Fresh-range is now providing a further investment opportunity up to a higher total of £550,000 for nearly 15 per cent in equity, so that they can go even further and faster with their innovation and broaden their customer...

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  • Fennel & Lemon Salad

    Fennel & Lemon Salad 03/09/2017, Recipes

    This is a fantastically simple salad - light and refreshing, it makes a great accompaniment to any meal: lunch, dinner, BBQs, picnics... it's the perfect all rounder! Buy the ingredients here.  Ingredients Fennel Lemon Salt Method  1. Finely chop the fennel (you can use the slicer on a blender). 2. Squeeze in a about half a lemon and a pinch of salt, to...

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  • Warm Fava Bean & Spiced Roasted Vegetable Salad

    Warm Fava Bean & Spiced Roasted Vegetable Salad 03/09/2017, Recipes

    Perfect all year round, this salad is both warming and refreshing at the same time. A favourite among the fresh-range team. Buy all the ingredients here.  Ingredients Serves 4+ Carrots (about a bunch) 1 Red Onion 2-3 Cloves Garlic 150 g White Cheese (feta or simliar) 100-200 g Olives Fresh Mint 1 Little Gem...

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  • Tomato fritters

    Tomato fritters 03/09/2017, Recipes

    A guest recipe blog from Tara's Table: We’re hurtling towards the end of summer which, while it’s a sad time (I dread the onset of autumn which inevitably brings winter in its wake), it does have its bright side: it’s the time of plenty where produce has been growing like crazy. Ergo, it’s the time of gluts and surfeits.  Tomatoes have always been evocative...

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  • Oxford Today - August 2017

    Oxford Today - August 2017 30/08/2017, In the press

    Changing our flawed food supply for good  "We realised what was needed was some clever technology combined with local logistics capability that would for the first time make it simple and convenient to source from small independent producers alongside large produce suppliers, thus ensuring a sufficiently broad range of products to replace most of what you would buy from a supermarket...

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  • Saturday Hub Assistant

    Saturday Hub Assistant 22/08/2017, Jobs

    Interested in Food and Sustainability? Are you committed, diligent and hardworking with good attention to detail? Are you looking for work that’s active and part of a local team? Are you available to work on Saturdays? We’d like to meet with you. Please read on… We have a Saturday Hub Packing Assistant vacancy. The role involves picking and packing orders on our busiest...

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  • The Grocer - August 2017

    The Grocer - August 2017 17/08/2017, In the press

    Know the origins of food with shorter supply chains  A letter from Rich Osborn, director of, about the need for shorter, faster, and lighter food supply chains.  Read more here. read more
  • Job vacancy - Graduate Commercial Support

    Job vacancy - Graduate Commercial Support 15/08/2017, Jobs

    We are looking for a graduate to join us in developing outstanding food producer and supplier content for our online stores in retail and catering across the West of England. If you love food and are committed, innovative, honest and cooperative you may be the person we are looking for.   Graduate Commercial Support Role Description Love food? Passionate about sustainability...

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