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-Bristol-based food company fresh-range extends opportunity to invest to power growth-

Fresh-range, the Bristol-based online ethical food retailer, is launching a further equity investment opportunity, in its bid to gain a £400 million share of an £87 billion food market.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign over the summer, the company raised its minimum target of £300,000 in just 24 hours in exchange for a 7.99% equity...

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  • Bristol Post - September 2017 04/09/2017, In the press

    How you can get a slice of ethical food retailer Fresh-range's business
    Fresh range wants to raise £550,000 to fund expansion and innovation plans

    "Fresh-range is now providing a further investment opportunity up to a higher total of £550,000 for nearly 15 per cent in equity, so...

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  • Fennel & Lemon Salad 03/09/2017, Recipes

    This is a fantastically simple salad - light and refreshing, it makes a great accompaniment to any meal: lunch, dinner, BBQs, picnics... it's the perfect all rounder!

    Buy the ingredients here. 


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  • Warm Fava Bean & Spiced Roasted Vegetable Salad 03/09/2017, Recipes

    Perfect all year round, this salad is both warming and refreshing at the same time. A favourite among the fresh-range team.

    Buy all the ingredients here. 


    Serves 4+

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  • Tomato fritters 03/09/2017, Recipes

    A guest recipe blog from Tara's Table:

    We’re hurtling towards the end of summer which, while it’s a sad time (I dread the onset of autumn which inevitably brings winter in its wake), it does have its bright side: it’s the time of plenty where...

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  • Oxford Today - August 2017 30/08/2017, In the press

    Changing our flawed food supply for good 

    "We realised what was needed was some clever technology combined with local logistics capability that would for the first time make it simple and convenient to source from small independent producers alongside large produce suppliers, thus ensuring a sufficiently...

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  • Saturday Hub Assistant 22/08/2017, Jobs

    Interested in Food and Sustainability?

    Are you committed, diligent and hardworking with good attention to detail? Are you looking for work that’s active and part of a local team? Are you available to work on Saturdays? We’d like to meet with you. Please read on…

    We have a...

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  • The Grocer - August 2017 17/08/2017, In the press

    Know the origins of food with shorter supply chains 

    A letter from Rich Osborn, director of, about the need for shorter, faster, and lighter food supply chains. 

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  • Job vacancy - Graduate Commercial Support 15/08/2017, Jobs

    We are looking for a graduate to join us in developing outstanding food producer and supplier content for our online stores in retail and catering across the West of England. If you love food and are committed, innovative, honest and cooperative you may be the person we are looking for.


    Graduate Commercial...

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  • The Guardian - August 2017 10/08/2017, In the press

    Wonky veg revolution: the tech pioneers who are reducing food waste

    "Fresh Range is one of a band of emerging startups hoping not only to disrupt the journey taken by food on its way to the kitchen table, but to also set a far higher benchmark for the quality of what we eat, and reduce the environmental impact of...

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  • Online Grocery Feature, Crumbs Magazine - August 2017 07/08/2017, In the press


    "Founded in 2014 to help combat the uneconomical and unfair practices of large food retailers, this online shop's purpose is to shorten the journey of food between producer and consumer, and make sure everyone gets a fair deal."

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  • Finalists in two categories for the 2017 Crumbs Awards 04/08/2017, In the press

    The fresh-range team are delighted to be finalists in the Crumbs Awards 2017, in both the Food Retailer and Food Initiative Categories. 

    There were over 420 entries, with one category having 55 entrants alone, so we really are chuffed to be nominated alongside some other wonderful foodie organisations and individuals from...

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  • The Grocer - July 2017 01/08/2017, In the press

    Fresh-range smashes £300,000 crowdfunding target in 24 hours 

    "Our first external round is validating a disruptive model," Rich Osborn said. "Investors can see the compelling need for an alternative approach to food supply and believe the Fresh-range team and technology can...

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  • Bristol Life Magazine - August 2017 01/08/2017, In the press

    They're fresh... exciting... 

    "A bona-fide Bristol success story...

    "Bristol-based provides a local, sustainable and ethical alternative to the mass supermarkets. The company is redefining how food is supplied..."

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  • Insider Media - July 2017 31/07/2017, In the press

    Food tech company passes £300k funding target

    "Rich Osborn, an Insider 42 Under 42 alumnus and former commercial director at Procter & Gamble, said: "The response from the crowd is thrilling. It is clear investors see the compelling need for an alternative...

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  • Business cloud - July 2017 31/07/2017, In the press

    Food disrupter fresh-range smashes crowdfunding target

    “The response from the crowd is thrilling. It is clear investors see the compelling need for an alternative approach to food supply,” said CEO Rich Osborn, who was named a BBC Local Food Hero Finalist in...

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  • Fresh Produce Journal - July 2017 28/07/2017, In the press

    New online produce retailer gains £300k in crowdfunding 

    "South West-based Fresh-Range says it offers higher returns to producers and can match supermarket prices on some lines"...

    "The company says its USP is its technology and software capabilities, which have helped to create a...

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  • Growth Business - July 2017 27/07/2017, In the press

    Food tech start-up fresh-range raises £300k in 24 hours 

    "Bristol-based food fulfilment company,, opened up a crowdfunding investment campaign on Seedrs this Monday, and in within...

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  • Bristol 247 - July 2017 26/07/2017, In the press

    Ethical online grocer seeks investment

    "Bristol company fresh-range has announced a campaign on Seedrs, the equity crowdfunding platform, which it hopes will help it realise its dream of making ethical buying from local producers in Bath and Bristol...

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  • Crowdfunder Insider - July 2017 25/07/2017, In the press

    Overfunding: Fresh-Range Secures £300,000 Funding Target Just Days After Seedrs Debut

    "Fresh-Range, a UK-based food tech company that is seeking to redefine food fulfillment, has successfully secured its initial £300,000 funding target...

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