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Fresh-range is now closed.

Fresh-range launched in May 2014 and closed in October 2020. Our thanks go to every customer, producer, supplier, procurer and employee that started something significant.

Fresh-range was the incubator brand that enabled us to gather insights from the ground up; testing our innovation in the marketplace. Equilibrium Markets Ltd, the company behind fresh-range, is now scaling the technology behind fresh-range to positively transform public sector food procurement.

We demonstrated that short, fast, transparent food supply chains are possible, delivering to consumers and chefs in the online grocery home delivery market and the private and public sector catering markets. It enabled tens of thousands of people to enjoy fresher food, sourced with care.

We showed that supply chain transparency means informed choices in food procurement can be made to change the world for better. Our technology and team enabled local government to procure directly from multiple local SME producers for the first time. It enabled government to buy exceptional produce at higher standards with lower environmental and financial costs. It provided new market access to producers directly supporting the re-emergence of critically important biodiversity on UK farms.

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The ground-breaking, multi-award-winning technology that powered fresh-range.

The case for food system-change in the 2020s is clear. We must act to:
1. Halt the climate & biodiversity crisis
2. Address food insecurity in all forms
3. Enable regional economic recovery

100% of our effort is focused on the above objectives within the public sector food market. Are you looking to change your food supply for good? Please get in touch here.

My sincere thanks go to everyone who made fresh-range such a success.

Rich Osborn


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