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Quintet is an interpretation of the fabled India Pale Ale, made with an ever-changing combination of five princely hops. The medley may change from brew to brew but the soul stays the same: a beer of immense character, flavour and depth. This particular batch has stone fruit, citrus and herbal notes with a refreshing bitter finish.

This beer is unfiltered, unfined, unpasteurised and alive – it is naturally fermented in the bottle, producing a yeast sediment at the bottom. Store upright and pour gently to leave it there.

Of their Beers Wiper & True say "Like most things in life, we’re always excited by what’s new, or more likely the sense of anticipation over something that’s gently bubbling away. Here’s our anthology. A collection of latest releases and old favourites which can make us feel a little bit nostalgic - those evocative hop aromas live long in the memory. Some of the styles are constant, but the recipes are ever changing just to keep your taste buds on their toes." (This means product images won't always fully reflect what you're purchasing, but the name and the description will)

For ingredients and allergens, see product information below.

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Ingredients list

Water, Malts (Pale Barley, Wheat), Hops (Equinox, Chinook, Mt. Hood, Wai-iti, Nugget), Yeast (Surebrew YS020).


For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients highlighted in bold.
Contains barley, wheat

Alcohol content

6.2% abv

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