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With 85% of the worlds chalk streams, Britain is the home to some of the best and cleanest tasting trout. In Hampshire the rivers Test and Itchen are two of the worlds most iconic chalk streams and are where these fish are farmed. The farms themselves are set back from the river in the sites of old water mills which allows the team to recreate the flowing river conditions and share the water while minimising any impact on the river itself.

The trout mature over 2 years resulting in well muscled large trout that are low in fat and high in vitamin D and B12. 

The fillets are excellent baked and flaked to be used in a salad with grilled courgettes, radishes and cucumbers or simply baked in paper and served with buttered seasonal vegetables and potatoes.

Method of catch: NA

Origin of fish: Farmed

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Sole of Discretion

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