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The ray family are slow growing and certain species such as skate should be avoided. Sole of Discretion fishers use a mesh size that avoids catching immature fish. The fishers catch ray, often while fishing for other species - it's not possible to avoid them in the areas they fish.  Their approach is to view the eco-system as a whole, and not try and catch one species at the expense of another. For more information see their producer page.

Ray wings have delicate and sweet flesh and a loose structure when cooked. The wings have meat top and bottom with a piece of cartilage running through its core from which the meat is easily scraped off when cooked.

Cook in a good non stick pan or bake on baking parchment and serve with browned butter.


Method of catch: Day boat + Netted or trawled

Origin of fish: Wild

Location of catch: NE Atlantic (Area 7d & 7e)


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This product has been previously frozen so is not suitable for home freezing. By blast freezing direct from the boat the freshness is locked in.


Sole of Discretion

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