Wootton Organic Dairy Somerset

For over 50 years, the Bartlett family has been farming at Sunnyside, a small, traditional farm, nestled in a lush valley in North Wootton, Somerset. Certified organic since 1999, two brothers James and Dave Bartlett have ensured their small meadows remain as rich with hedgerows and native meadow grasses as they ever were supporting a wide variety of wildlife. This gives a special depth of flavour to the award winning artisan unpasteurised cheeses, hand-made on the farm from organic Friesland sheep and Jersey cows' milk.

We asked James and Dave to tell us a bit more about what makes their cheese so special: “All our milk is made into cheese or yoghurt in our own farmhouse dairy. We have expanded our milking flock to around 200 ewes and 9 Jersey cows. Since 2007 Barbara, our dedicated cheese maker, has helped us to win a number of high profile cheese awards. Sheep milk is a good alternative for people with an intolerance to cows' milk containing up to twice as many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and zinc. Despite being higher in butter fats, sheep milk is better for cholesterol as they are the healthier fats.” All of their cheeses are hand-made, organic, unpasteurised, and suitable for vegetarians. All products have a three week shelf life from the date of dispatch.

Produce from Wootton Organic Dairy

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