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We are privileged to have the South West's largest independent roaster, here in Bristol. Wogan Coffee has been roasting and supplying coffee to the trade and individual customers since 1970. You can spot their roasting plant at the Cabot Circus end of the M32. Established by Brian Wogan, the business soon gained a strong reputation for excellent coffees and service. The coffee is now in the hands - and exceptional palates - of the next generation: Adrian Wogan practically inhaled the aroma of the bean with his first breath, and is now responsible for sourcing, roasting and crafting outstanding coffees. At the heart of the operation is a 1968, 90 kilo Probat coffee roaster– an undeniable classic – and in a supporting role (and for small batch roasts) is a recently added hand-built 30 kilo roaster.

We asked Adrian what sets Wogan apart from other coffees "We believe in long standing relationships with our bean growers and have established some direct supply chains that enable us to pay fair rates to the farmer yet acquiring beans at competitive prices. Because we have been roasting here in Bristol for so long, our overheads are low and we can roast and grind top quality beans at reasonable prices making our coffee the first choice for many michelin star chefs across the country."

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