Wiper and True Bristol

Michael Wiper, chief brewer at Wiper & True, fell in love with brewing at home - learning his craft on a kitchen stove with pots, pans and raw ingredients scattered all around him. Whilst he pays respect to the traditional craft of beer making he makes no secret about his penchant for experimentation - playing with new ways of doing things. Whether that’s roasting his own malts, adding wild ingredients such as blackberries and chillies, or ageing beer on different kinds of wood the aim is to create something truly special. Judging by their early following in Bristol, Wiper & True is no ordinary beer.

We asked Michael what he thinks makes his beer so special: “Water, malt, yeast and hops. Four simple ingredients that give eternal possibilities. We explore, harness and celebrate them to create something extraordinary. Rarely the same, our recipes are the product of an imagination obsessed with discovering something beautiful, fired by the perpetual challenge of creating the perfect composition. To keep things fresh, we continue to brew nomadically, making our beer in a number of locations. Whilst our apparatus may have become more sophisticated, our thirst for experimentation and enjoying our craft remains the driving force behind Wiper and True. We want to take the art of brewing and seek extraordinary places.

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