Whole Earth Surrey

Founded in 1967 to provide foods 'better for body and planet', Whole Earth has been at the forefront of the natural and organic foods movement since its inception. By making their products accessible to a wide market, Whole Earth creators Craig and Gregory Sams have worked hard to bring the use of sustainably produced, natural ingredients to the public consciousness. 

It's not all about responsibly sourced ingredients, however; Whole Earth is also devoted to taste. Their Maple-frosted Flakes were recently voted 'best-morning product' by the Vegetarian Society and their peanut butter is award-winning, too, all varieties - Smooth Organic, Crunchy Organic, or Three Nut Butter - are vegan-friendly and packed with protein.

Whole Earth sponsor a man versus horse 20 mile race.  The Whole Earth Man V Horse is a marathon that has legendary status amongst nutty endurance runners. As the name suggests, the annual race pits men (and women) against horses, with runners and riders heading out over 21 miles of challenging terrain in Powys, mid-Wales. It took 25 years before a man finally beat a horse in 2004, with a time of 2 hours and 5 minutes – beating the fastest horse by 2 minutes. The feat was repeated 3 years later, but the horse has remained unbeaten ever since.

Produce from Whole Earth

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