Westcombe Dairy Somerset

Cows at Westcombe Farm can be seen gently plodding along – peaceful and calm, and feasting in the lush pastures of east Somerset. They munch on grass nurtured by a plentiful supply of fresh spring water (and rain, of course), and the result of this rather idyllic lifestyle is rich, creamy milk that is delivered, still warm, to the cheese makers at the Westcombe Dairy.

When it comes to cheese, the origin of the milk is crucial. For Westcombe milk is at the heart of their enterprise and they work in cohesion with their natural environment; making sure that their cows are happy and that every drop is treated with the respect it deserves. Cheese that is crafted in response to this delicate yet creamy milk has a rustic richness with a complexity of character. Its journey from field to plate is charming and you’ll appreciate every step as that slice of delicious Cheddar simply melts on your tongue.

The farm itself has seen cheese makers since the early 1900s and is steeped in tradition. Yet, the man in charge, Tom Calver, has drawn the perfect balance between maintaining important traditions and innovating with modern mechanisations. For example, only traditional starter cultures and natural rennets are used, and Westcombe is one of only a handful of dairies to use a peg mill – also known as a curd mill. Westcombe Dairy is a special West Country dairy. It is made up of a small, hands-on team, and is one of only three artisan Somerset Cheddar cheese makers in the country.

What you may not know:
Milk is made up of delicate structures that can be easily damaged, which is why transport of milk to the dairy is so important. The closer the cows and the warmer the milk when it reaches a cheese maker, the better.

Produce from Westcombe Dairy

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