Vincent Bouzereau France

Pretty, short bush vines bearing juicy grapes are found in the little village of Meursault, growing in lovely limey subsoil. These are some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon and Monastrell vines, and those inherited by Vincent Bouzereau – who knows how to blend them into palate-pleasing wines.

The Bouzereau family have been vignerons in Meursault for more than 10 generations, so they know their grapes, and continue to create sought-after wines. In fact, Michel Bouzereau is the President of Bergundy Growers’ Union, so a pretty important person in the wine world, and definitely someone you can trust to uphold top-notch Bergundy wines. With their own vineyards spread across the Meursault region, including one with its own completely unique microclimate, and expert knowledge passed down the family vine tree, their wines are distinguishable and delightful.


Produce from Vincent Bouzereau

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