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You might think that being tucked away in Devon, in a countryside location worthy of an oil painting, would leave you somewhat cut off from the world. You’d be quite wrong. While still maintaining a delightfully rural and peaceful lifestyle, Ticklemore Dairy is a small dairy that has influenced cheese making in far corners of the globe. Should you be taking a peek, you might see international dairy producers frequenting the banks of the river Dart to visit Robin Congdon and Ben Harris to learn about Ticklemore’s cheese. They are more than happy to share their passion and techniques with other talented cheese makers and now variants of Ticklemore’s cheeses can now be found in countries such as Argentina, South Africa, North America and Ethiopia.

Known for its three blues – Harbourne, Devon and Beenleigh Blue – the Ticklemore Dairy all started with Robin in the 1970s. Making soft cheese and yoghurt from a small herd of goats, eventually led him to Dartington Hall Estate, where the real magic began. Robin was part of the pioneering movement to reinstate the practice of milking goats, and here he developed the first two of the blues (Beenleigh and Harbourne) using the finest quality goat’s milk. Devon Blue was later developed from the cow’s milk of a neighbouring farmer. Over the years, Ticklemore have rolled out a substantial amount of specialty cheeses, including Devon Roan and Rook’s Nest – something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

What you might not know:
Goat’s milk can help boost your immune system. It contains significant amounts of a rare mineral called selenium, which helps your body ward off illnesses.



Produce from Ticklemore Cheese

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