The Naked Kitchen Bristol

Lifelong friends with a shared passion for food Johnny and Hester decided to put their heads together and develop a range of flavored falafels and houmous out of a small kitchen in Windmill Hill in Bristol. Inspired by Johnny’s many years working in some of the top restaurants in the city and Hester's own life-long commitment to being a vegetarian they decided to produce foods that were gluten free and suitable for vegans as well as being healthy and above all delicious for anyone.

We asked Hester to tell us the story of how this Naked Kitchen range came to life "We started off hand rolling each of our falafels in our commercial kitchen in Bristol.  We used traditional recipes but with the addition of popular fruits, veg and our own special twist such as Butternut Squash & Nutmeg, Beetroot, Sweet Potato & Basil. Our range of superfood falafels which include Ginger Ninja - a blend of ginger, kale & quiona - and Rainbow Warrior - a falafel packed full of seeds and berries are seriously popular with our customers. We have focused on developing falafel and houmous to be the best tasting in the country. The reason they're so delicious is because they're packed with flavour rich, healthy ingredients. They're perfect to eat at home, take on a picnic or for a work snack or lunch."

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