Taifun Germany

What started in 1985 as an experiment to grow four kilos of tofu, Taifun has since expanded to become a worldwide authority on soya cultivation and tofu. Taifun seeks to create nothing short of the best tofu, loaded with taste and high in nutrition. Lactose, galactose and cholesterol-free, each batch of tofu is organically grown from the company's own seeds in Central Europe.

Klaus Kempff and Wolfgang Heck had already been growing tofu for local markets in Freiburg, Germany for a decade when an influx of genetically-modified soya beans from the US prompted the company to cultivate 40 hectares of their own organic soya crops in 1997. Today, Taifun works with 100 farmers in Austria, French Alsace and across Central Europe to grow their own seeds, in addition to a small number of organic farms in Brazil and Canada. Owning their Agricultural Centre for Soya Bean Cultivation and Development, there's not much Taifun don't know about the vegan staple. It shows in their range: from Mediterranean specialities to Japanese-style fillets, Taifun have something for every palate.

Produce from Taifun

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