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Established in 1993 in Sydney, Australia, Synergy Natural provide wholefood health products at an affordable price with no quality compromise. Passionate in their ideals to bring quality and good health to everyone, their organic wholefood nutritional supplements nurture true health and wellbeing and are founded on a combination of ancient and cutting edge knowledge. The source of Synergy Natural spirulina and chlorella is a sub-tropical island, away from heavy industrial operations and with pure, underground spring water as the growth medium. Synergy Natural barley and wheat grass is grown on a certified organic farm near the banks of the mighty Murray River. This region is a clean, pollution-free environment, isolated from high density urban development and heavy industrial operations.

What makes Synergy different? “The water source is the most important factor in determining the quality and purity of any spirulina or chlorella. Many other producers use filtered municipal water, containing fluoride, chlorine, aluminium and other chemicals. Some even utilise local river water, which is likely to contain numerous man-made chemicals from agricultural and industrial run-off. Unlike most other brands, all our products are 100% pure, without binders, additives or excipients, and are flushed with nitrogen to keep out oxygen, the most damaging substance to dried, natural plant ingredients. The second most damaging is light, so we pack into opaque recyclable plastic, which acts as an effective light barrier and maximises shelf life.”

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