Stroud Brewery Gloucestershire

Greg Pilley brews a range of organic and vegan beers from his micro-brewery just outside Stroud. All of Stroud Breweries beers use Maris Otter which is the finest malting barley available – carefully crafted by hand. Many of the ingredients used in Greg’s ales come from local organic farms in and around the Cotswolds. The brewery has won multiple awards every year since 2006. The ethos of the brewery is to contribute to the local community. Most weekends the brewery opens up and welcomes local families to enjoy freshly prepared local food alongside its superb ales.

We asked Greg the secret behind Stroud Brewery. “Brewing a local beer is one thing, but brewing it using locally grown barley really sets it apart. Cotswolds farmers produce amongst the highest quality malting barleys in the UK and our brewery together with Warminster Maltings are the links in the chain that connect local drinkers with their local farms and the characteristic landscape they create.”

Produce from Stroud Brewery

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