St Philips' Market Wholesale Bristol

At 5am each day, Sarah, our buyer with over 15 years’ experience, is sourcing produce at The Wholesale Fruit Centre in St Philip's, Bristol, on behalf of our customers with a delivery scheduled that same day. Sarah is famously fussy, only buying the finest produce at the market simultaneously ensuring attractive prices for our customers. Established in 1968 as a co-operative with a not-for-profit ethos, St Philips' Market is run by a board of Directors elected by the shareholders who are also the leaseholders of the units in the market.

Whilst the produce can never be as fresh as fruit and vegetables sourced directly from local producers on our store, the pivotal 2009 report “Who Feeds Bristol? Towards a resilient food plan” written by local food expert Joy Carey highlights the critical importance of St Philips' market to the local economy and food security moving forward. Bristol’s Wholesale Fruit Centre serves an area stretching from West Wales to the South Coast of Hampshire and from the furthest tip of Cornwall to Oxford.

Produce from St Philips' Market Wholesale

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