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The Somerset Cider Brandy Company is a national treasure. It is a sensational farm with timber-constructed processing building and bonds filled to the rafters with stunning oak barrels. With cider brandy ageing for up to 20 years under the watchful eye of Julian Temperley, it is a part of England that is to be experienced by those that appreciate the joys of the Somerset apple. Whilst the last records for distilling Cider Brandy in England date back to 1678, Julian and his team revived the tradition back in 1987 when they obtained the first commercial distilling license in English recorded history. Today, two copper continuous tower stills - known affectionately as Josephine and Fifi - sit behind a thick plate glass wall, protected by customs and excise lock and seal. Much like Calvados in France, the cider brandy here has a protected name - Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) that will forever be tied to Somerset. Since winning the PGI in 2010, Somerset Cider Brandy was re-instated as a legal term. The EU not only amended EU law but also awarded an "appellation contrôlée" to the farm.

When we visit Julian we can’t help but roam around exploring the farm, the processing plant and the bonds. It takes our breath away. No corners are cut to maintain the traditional approach to producing the most exceptional of end results. Each of the cider brandies as well as their accompaniments are luxurious and unique. Only by visiting can you experience the wonder of the place. Go, before you miss the chance!

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