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If you consider yourself an aficionado of cheese, then you'll likely know that a) you're known as a turophile and b) Philip Rainbow is a legend in the cheese world. Over the course of the last 40 years Philip has been making waves in the dairy world, picking up awards both nationally and internationally. His talent and expertise is both renowned and sought after, he happily provides tuition and guidance for other cheese makers and, of course, he makes rather fine cheese.

Philip, together with talented duo Nicholas and Anita Robinson, runs the Somerset Cheese Company from Ditcheat Hill Farm, just down the road from Shepton Mallet and close to the Bath and West Showground. Here they use the most local, cow, buffalo, goat and sheep’s milk to deliver some sterling cheeses. Traditional recipes are given a Somerset Cheese Co. twist to produce unique flavours and textures, encased in natural rinds. Fosse Way Fleece, Pennard Ridge, Rainbows Gold and Pendragon are all cheeses you may be familiar with. Certainly, if you’ve kept an eye on cheese competitions over the last ten years, you’ll have seen these names crop up multiple times. In fact, the Pennard Vale scooped Best Goat’s Cheese and a gold award at the British Cheese Awards in 2010.

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