Silverthorne Farm Eggs Dorset

Nestled on the Somerset-Dorset border, Silverthorne Farm provides fresh eggs for local markets in the South West. Owned and run by Jason & Emma Thompson, the farm guarantees freshness, with each of their eggs sold less than 36 hours after being laid.

Silverthorne rear two flocks of 6,000 hens and each flock is allowed to live freely amongst sheep and horses on 15 acres of shared pasture. Sun and shade is provided by the orchard planted by Jason and Emma, and the farm is working to reduce it's carbon footprint with the recent addition of a 178-panel solar array. By grading, packing and delivering their eggs themselves, Silverthorne are able to stay independent in an industry where expensive animal-feed and bloated margins by supermarkets make running a farming business increasingly difficult. The Silverthorne spirit and attention the Thompson family place on animal-welfare makes for delicious brown eggs – surely the sign of a happy hen.

Produce from Silverthorne Farm Eggs

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