The Severn Project Bristol

The Severn Project is an urban grower based at two sites; Whitchurch near Bristol and Holt near Bath. Starting out on a hidden plot near Bristol's Temple Meads, known as Arena Island, Steve and team have blazed a trail with many of the finest restaurants and cafes across the Bristol area serving Severn Project leaves. Founded in 2010 by Steve Glover, the social enterprise has been committed to growing food as well as giving people the chance to adopt a new more positive role as growers.

Working with people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse, the Community Interest Company (CIC) has been producing over 15 varieties of seasonal salad leaves and herbs that are packed and prepared for delivery within hours of picking. During the colder winter months The Severn Project outsource their salad produce to other growers in UK or Spain. This enables us to support a CIC all year round.

Produce from The Severn Project

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