Quest Birmingham

Quest was established in 1983 by Dr Ahmed Hassam, who saw a demand for high quality nutritional supplements that are backed by scientific research. On his ‘quest for excellence’, it became his passion to formulate superior products, sourcing only the finest ingredients and using the latest manufacturing techniques. Today Dr Hassam and his team at Quest continue to set the highest professional standards for nutritional supplements, creating products of unrivalled quality. They are researched, formulated, tested and manufactured at Quest’s purpose-built manufacturing facilities. Quest is still independently owned and so is uncompromised in the goal to promote better health through nutrition.

What do Quest promise? They “only develop, manufacture and market products that will make an actual difference to the health of our customers and have an established scientific platform in which our customers can trust. We aim to increase awareness amongst the general public on the benefits of taking nutritional supplements.”

Produce from Quest Vitamins

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