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Blended by master herbalist Sebastian Pole and co-founded by guiding light Tim Westwell, Pukka seeks to deliver the perfect cuppa. By travelling the globe to find the highest-quality leaves and herbs and fostering deep relationships with the families who grow them, Pukka have achieved just that, winning 'Great Taste Gold' awards in 2009, '10 and '11.

Pukka teas are all the more refreshing for the ethical, responsible values they represent. All herbs used in Pukka blends are sourced from fair trade, sustainable businesses. Informing everything the organisation does is 'Ayurveda' – the belief that we can live a healthier and more balanced life by answering the needs of our body at different points in life. There is, then, a Pukka tea for every occasion. To start the day, try 'Morning Time' rooibos; 'After Dinner' sip aromatic fennel, chicory and cardamom, then relax into sleep with Pukka's 'Night Time' blend of lavender, limeflower and valerian. Each teabag is staple-free, and profits go towards the planting of millions of trees each year.

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