Pilton Cider Somerset

Martin Berkeley’s award winning Pilton Cider is made entirely from apples collected and pressed from the orchards around the parish of Pilton, near Glastonbury. Previously famous for the Glastonbury festival, Pilton now has a cider to be very proud of too. Martin’s artisan cider won a Gold Great Taste Award in 2012 and back to back Golds in the Taste of the West awards 2012 and 2013.

Pilton Cider has been described by judges as being balanced with a good aroma and good mousse with a fine nose, good colour and lovely clarity. Judges describe the taste as a rich, natural sweetness; fruity and fresh; nice mouth-feel with little bubbles. We asked Martin to tell us how he makes such great cider: “Firstly, we go to great lengths in the sourcing of apples. We use a range of orchards including one we call ‘The Museum’. The orchard contains 88 varieties of cider apple including some real rarities. We really enjoy using the fruit but it is hard work to collect as the trees are planted on a hill with the only access at the top. Every apple has to be wheel-barrowed out. We then slowly ferment the apples for six months in a cool Victorian cellar before bottling.”

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