Overton Organic Eggs Gloucestershire

Located on the banks of the River Severn, Overton Organic Eggs in Arlingham, Gloucestershire produces certified organic, free range, freshly laid eggs. Their free-range hens enjoy welfare in accordance with Soil Association organic farming principles. The hens here produce the king of eggs. They really cannot be much fresher as they have literally only just been laid when we collect them. All of this makes for egg possibilities in your kitchen that even top chefs would be envious of.

Lucy at Overton Organics is interested in nutrition and is keen to stress the extensive nutritional health benefits of organically produced eggs. Not only are they low in saturated fats and high in vitamin D, but from one egg you can find all 9 essential amino acids. Overton Organics are a supplier for the Duchy Originals organic eggs brand. The difference here is that you can enjoy freshly laid organic eggs that cost less than the supermarket.

Produce from Overton Organic Eggs

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