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Born out of a desire to support the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, Nature’s Own was established to supply purer vitamin and mineral supplements, with fewer excipients and fillers and a higher grade of materials. Now into their fourth decade, the focus of Nature’s Own is still to improve the health of the nation. The philosophy is simple; they aim to offer the best possible solutions to nutritional needs, enabling their customers to help themselves. Nature’s Own is a charitable foundation, with profits going to nutrition-based charities. They say that, rather than working for commercial gain, this status allows them to focus on progress in nurturing and nourishing the body.

What is their defining feature? "Our best value is in the information we offer as a collection of research and rationale principles, from which people can make informed choices for their own health. The products we develop are by-products of knowledge, scientific insight and clinical feedback over 32 years. ‘Best’ for us means products that work as nature does. We respect the power of nature and the intrinsic healing powers of the human body, and seek to offer products and information to work with to optimise this potential.”

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