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Franzesca Watson grew up acquiring knowledge of natural remedies from her mother on the remote Greek island of Andros. Over the years, she has become a leading authority in aromatherapy, developing many recipes to treat common ailments and founding The International School of Aromatherapy and The Aromatherapy Centre. In 1974, Franzesca launched Natural by Nature Oils, one of the first companies to promote aromatherapy in the UK. Still family-run and now award-winning, the company offers a range of pure essential oils and natural aromatherapy products.

We asked them to describe what makes Natural by Nature Oils a ‘guarantee of pure aromatherapy’. “We manage the whole production process from our own factories, from sourcing all the oils from around the world to the blending, filling and labelling. All our products contain the purest ingredients that nature can offer without using any harmful chemical and parabens. By controlling the whole process, we can guarantee high quality products every time. We have always actively supported the ban on animal testing and our products are free from animal derivatives. Our packaging is 100% bio-degradable or recyclable.”

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