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The Montgomery family have three generations’ worth of Somerset farming behind them. Having been churning out delicious blocks of Cheddar for over a hundred years, means they can whole-heartedly be called ‘seasoned cheese makers’. Not even the upheaval of a war could stop this family from producing cheese. The Montgomerys have been making cheese in Cadbury since 1911 and, at a time when many cheese makers stopped due to the First World War, they continued with full gusto.  

Today, they apply the same energy and care that they always have to process, right from the diet of their 200 strong Friesian cows to the traditional ‘pint starter’ used for setting the curd. Artisan, unpasteurised, handmade and carefully matured – the Montgomery cheese is the real deal. In fact, Montgomery Cheddar is one of the last of the old Somerset unpasteurised Cheddars and has picked up a fair few awards in its time, including a four-year run from the World Cheese Awards. Montgomery’s cheese may be hand wrapped in muslin cloth still; their wheels carefully hand-tended to maturity, but this cheese is known the world over.

What you may not know:

Friesian cows are well-suited to a varied climate, meaning they are perfectly happy with the ups and downs of our British weather.


Produce from Montgomery Cheese

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