Midway Farm Dairy Somerset

Midway Farm is a small family run Dairy situated in the hamlet of Midway between the villages of Oakhill and Stoke St Michael in the Mendip hills of Somerset. Hazel and Roger’s traditional Fresian cows graze the lush grassland in a closed herd. This means that almost all of the cows have been at the farm since they were born thus ensuring that all the cows have the best possible start in life. This also avoids animal borne diseases entering the herd.

We asked Hazel and Roger to tell us more about their dairy: "Our British Fresian cows produce less milk than the modern Holstein that is present on most farms. Fresian cows produce milk of a better quality with higher levels of protein which increases the nutritional value. Also, because our cows are not pushed to give huge quantities of milk their lifespan is increased – some of our cows are more than 3 times as old as the average lifespan of a cow in the UK. The farm is entirely grassland. Pesticides are not used due to the hardy nature of the grass, herbicides are not routinely used and the use of artificial fertiliser is kept to a minimum by making the best possible use of the natural fertilisers produced on the farm. The highest standards of animal husbandry ensures that our cows consistently enjoy a high level of welfare for their entire life. Our farm motto is 'Look after your cows, and your cows will look after you'. Our milk is not homogenised. Homogenisation involves forcing the milk through tiny holes in order to stop the cream separating while the milk is in the bottle. We feel this extra processing is not required. Shaking the bottle before you use it naturally disperses the cream within the milk again. All of our dairy products are pasteurised to ensure that no bacteria are present and to comply with food safety legislation."

Produce from Midway Farm Dairy

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