Meridian Foods North Wales

Based in Denbighshire, North Wales for the last 30 years, Meridian is unusual because it uses whole nuts in its spreads, where other suppliers remove their nuts’ nutritious outer shells. This means Meridian spreads contain much more natural energy than similar spreads and makes them richer in protein, B vitamins and unsaturated fat. From 100% peanut butter to speciality spreads like Smooth Cashew and Crunchy Almond, the team have nutty treats for everyone.

Even better, Meridian spreads are palm-oil free. Rather than extracting nutrient-rich nut oil in favour of emulsifying palm oil, Meridian leaves the naturally-occurring ingredients intact, limiting the effects of deforestation and supporting the Borneo Orang-Utan Survival (BOS) project. The company have even adopted their own monkey family.

Produce from Meridian

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