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Mark Newman is a man who understands the alchemy and attraction of bread. In his own words, it’s “the food of the body and the soul,” and back in 2009 Mark started his own humble bakery in a little shop on North Street in Bedminster. He named it quite simply, Mark’s Bread. It’s a bakery with an honest and authentic concept: simple, good-value produce. Bread only has a few ingredients and each and every one is carefully chosen. Flour is organic and sourced from Shipton Mill, salt comes from the sea and no additives, flavourings or preservatives are allowed over the threshold, let alone in the kitchen. Small it may be, but it’s a big name in Bristol and has twice won Best Bakery at the Bristol Good Food Awards.

You might have spotted a bread-laden bicycle whizzing about the streets, as that’s how these guys deliver their loaves to the 26 specially selected local restaurants and shops in the city. This small but perfectly formed bakery has not only has nailed the art of good baking, but has an ethos to match. Bakery employees are as happy as the customers, and it has become woven into the fabric of Bristol life as a responsible and engaging member of the community. From whipping up freshly baked goods for Upfest (Europe’s largest graffiti festival, held in Bedminster) to supporting charities and visiting schools to educate children on the delights of making your own fresh bread, Mark’s Bread gets involved. Their bakers are also making sure to tread lightly on our fair earth, endeavouring to keep food waste to a minimum and furiously recycling.

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